moving is the dumbest thing ever

There, I said it. I hate moving. It's maybe my least favorite thing. I have been in the process of a very last-minute, high stress move this mid-month, so posting (and the rest of my life) has been put off. I do have things to share with you, pictures even! But just give me a bit to catch my breath with this new place. For about a month my meals have looked like the above pictures- a can of beans, or a pb&j sandwich, or old faithful cereal, nestled among all the stresses and to-do lists surrounding me right now.

Just about everything, including the way I look, is now different than it was pre-August freak-out. I'm trying my best to just roll with it, and it can be kind of great. Hard at times, but maybe just what I needed. Cue the Cars song....