I wasn't kidding.

You may have thought I was exaggerating with the avocado thing. Nope.


my burrito is cooler than yours

Ok, so I can't really take credit for this one. Except for the chopping, that was totally all me. The picking out of ingredients, cooking, and assembly awards go to Matt. Here's what was in this beast- cheese, mushrooms, baby spinach, tomato, eggs, veggie Italian sausage.... maybe more, but that's all I can remember.

I have a cold. My brain is real fuzzy. Like it's hard to cross the street fuzzy. Space out and drool while you're brushing your teeth fuzzy. Mouth breathing fuzzy. The last one is the hardest. One of my favorite pastimes is mocking mouth breathers, and here I am one of them. A less fuzzy-thinking person may find a lesson in this.

there's a new meal in town

Move over cereal. You're cool and all, but I'm out of milk. Plus I really want the ponytail guy at the Laura Carniceria to like me and call me mija, so it's been all avocado all the time for me. I'll keep you posted on the friendship building. I'm hoping high fives by August.



Not much to post for a while. Winter is gone and she seems to have taken my appetite with her.

For a couple of weeks the only thing that sounded good (or rather, that didn't sound disgusting) was toast. Luckily this week I've found something to spice things up- cereal. In the past two days, five of my meals have been this. I'm sure it'll get better once I get used to things again, not to mention when I've finally moved and can settle down. For now I've just had to make a few small adjustments- replace caffeine with ice water, and wash my bowls more frequently.


happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day! Here's to my mom, who will always calmly and patiently answer any panicked cooking question I call with. And who has an uncanny knack of knowing right when I'm hungry and then calling me to describe the good stuff she's making.



Some day I'll probably look back on this time of my life with nostalgia. Maybe I'll think about how free I was, with no real responsibilities and all sorts of future ahead of me. If this happens, I hope the future me also gets the taste of ramen in her mouth. Just to remind her it's not all that great a lot of the time. In fact there are days, or even weeks let's say, when the money is non existent, the neighbors are loud, and you're downright cranky.


In case you ever wondered, this is where the name of this blog came from. I work from home, don't judge me.


how do you like them crapples?

Lesson learned- don't buy a bag of apples at Target.


cokey cola.

Warm weather. Less food and cooking, more bottles of Coke from the Mexican grocery store around the corner. One time I made up a song to the music of Beyonce's Single Ladies. It goes like this: "cokey cokey cola, cokey cokey cola". It may not seem so cool when it's written out. Hrm.

Coke bottles always remind me of that kid in Please Don't Eat the Daisies. He sits in his little cage and says "cooooooookey coooooooooola." It's adorable. Too bad no one has really seen that movie, if they had I'm sure I would get a lot more laughs when I do that. Maybe people would even chime in. People don't get enough Doris nowadays. (watch the video for 27 seconds to see the lil' guy do it)

...and these are my thoughts on Coke. I'm real tired.

tofuled me

I tried making tofu for the first time a couple of days ago. It was from Martha Stewart, who I'm finding out is an incredibly cryptic recipe writer. None of the details of Cooks Illustrated. And I love details, so that part bothers me. I mean, if I could fill out a form before I cooked that would really be ideal. This is how much I love details. Sometimes I make a check list for myself of simple things like 'pet the cat' just so I get to a.) try and make the boxes as square as possible, and b.) get to check them off in an orderly fashion. I think it's because I'm a virgo. But that's neither here nor there.

The whole thing ended up being just ok. I've been in something of a cooking slump lately. Everything I make has been coming out on the 5 or 6 portion of the 1-10 scale of awesomeness. I need a 10. Just one 10, or maybe even a 9, and I'll get my oomph again. Hopefully.
So here's the recipe if you want it. Maybe you'll have better luck.