cokey cola.

Warm weather. Less food and cooking, more bottles of Coke from the Mexican grocery store around the corner. One time I made up a song to the music of Beyonce's Single Ladies. It goes like this: "cokey cokey cola, cokey cokey cola". It may not seem so cool when it's written out. Hrm.

Coke bottles always remind me of that kid in Please Don't Eat the Daisies. He sits in his little cage and says "cooooooookey coooooooooola." It's adorable. Too bad no one has really seen that movie, if they had I'm sure I would get a lot more laughs when I do that. Maybe people would even chime in. People don't get enough Doris nowadays. (watch the video for 27 seconds to see the lil' guy do it)

...and these are my thoughts on Coke. I'm real tired.

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bottled_milk said...

I've never seen Don't Eat The Daisies but when i picture a little kid in a cage that only says cooooookey coooola, adorable doesn't come to mind. child abuse does though.