tofuled me

I tried making tofu for the first time a couple of days ago. It was from Martha Stewart, who I'm finding out is an incredibly cryptic recipe writer. None of the details of Cooks Illustrated. And I love details, so that part bothers me. I mean, if I could fill out a form before I cooked that would really be ideal. This is how much I love details. Sometimes I make a check list for myself of simple things like 'pet the cat' just so I get to a.) try and make the boxes as square as possible, and b.) get to check them off in an orderly fashion. I think it's because I'm a virgo. But that's neither here nor there.

The whole thing ended up being just ok. I've been in something of a cooking slump lately. Everything I make has been coming out on the 5 or 6 portion of the 1-10 scale of awesomeness. I need a 10. Just one 10, or maybe even a 9, and I'll get my oomph again. Hopefully.
So here's the recipe if you want it. Maybe you'll have better luck.

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