on blast like TNT so

So I'm moving. That part is decided. The problem is I've been debating between moving into the crummy yet cheap apartment downstairs or finding a place with my friend and business partner Heather. For a normal person this would be a tough decision- they would most likely reflect on it for a while, then choose the right one for them and go with it. For me this is a huge deal. I cannot make a decision to save my life. I hate them. One of my greatest wishes is to have a personal stylist because I can't even figure out which pants to wear in the morning ('does this look dumb or awesome? dumb! no awesome! shit, I'm just going to change'). So this whole process of figuring out what to do involves lots of me bringing the subject up to anyone who will listen, asking them to tell me what to do, hours of fretting, and multiple pros and cons lists.

On my walk to coffee today I was reminded I'd forgotten to put a pro down on the staying side. I live by a high school and walk past it almost daily. When I first moved here I thought this was a con. I had to shove through crowds of rough looking, gel haired teenagers and it felt a lot like junior high again. Lots of me walking with my head down and saying 'excuse me' really quiet, while more often than not getting pushed. Then that whole head down thing started to pay off. I had forgotten that teenagers are that lovely combination of horrible, active poets and incredibly unorganized. This means they drop a lot of their bad poetry (and rap!) on the ground, for introverted girls like myself to find while going to get their happy-time juice.

The small one above is what I found today. The two-page poem (r&b song?) is my favorite that I've picked up there.

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