goodbye, 2010

2010... what do I say about it?
The really cool thing about having such a challenging year is that in the midst of it you get a rare opportunity to step back and look at your life, see the things you want to change, and then change them- because why the hell not? Everything is already screwy anyway, what's a few more shake-ups? And so here I am.

Above is a slideshow of my favorite photos I took in 2010. This year saw a shift in priorities. Socializing holds less importance, replaced by a more deliberate use of my time and energy. I didn't go out very much, saw a lot less of acquaintances, and became much more thankful for the really good friends and family I somehow lucked into.


Kathleen said...

Love you too.

PS - You are awesome.

Sarah said...

I concur with Kathleen.

I am really missing Mexico at the moment.

bottled_milk said...

Double thumbs.