Pickle Sandwich

I just ate a pickle sandwich. I know it's kind of gross and I shouldn't be bragging about it, but MAN!

I bought pickles and mayo on an 'I wish I was at a barbecue' whim last night. When I got home there was actually a moment at the kitchen counter where I stopped and asked myself if I was going to eat the entire jar right then or not. And not in a judging 'entire jar??' way. In an actual 'do I feel like eating all of them' way. But then I remembered the pickle barfing incident back when I was seven. Since I'd already been down that road, I decided to stop and save some of them for another day.

And that day was today. Mayo, pickles, and mustard. Does it get any more delicious? Ok, with cheese it probably could. Next time!

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Sarah said...

If you would have stopped singing Neal Diamond I would have stopped talking and you wouldn't have eaten all of the pickles. It all goes back to Neal.