Spaghetti with Lemon, Chile and Creamy Spinach

I made this for lunch today. I stumbled across the recipe on Sunday and thought it sounded so good. Well, turns out it's not. I couldn't find a red Thai chile so I just went with a red jalapeno, but I doubt that's what threw it off. It was fine and I'll eat the leftovers, but I will not make it again. They can't all be gems, people!

While at Stanley's buying ingredients for this I found a 2.5 lb bag of baby spinach for $2.25/lb. After pacing in front of it for a while, I finally just held my breath and grabbed it. It was such a good deal! I had to! So now I have a crisper drawer full of spinach. Got any good recipes for it? Send them my way! Don't like spinach? Maybe don't check back here for a week or so.

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Sarah said...

I love spinach salads. I make them several times a week with blue cheese and dried cherries. I just make a simple balsamic dressing (glug of balsamic, glug of olive oil). John makes a really good hot spinach salad with onions, bacon, and wilted spinach. You could sautee the spinach in bit of olive oil and red pepper flakes and serve it on crostini topped with ricotta. It's also really good in hummus wraps.