Hi. I am alive. A breakup sparked something of a domino effect of freaking out/reassessing a lot of things in my life. Which actually turned out to be a very good thing, but it took a lot of adjusting for me to see that. It's kind of like when you get underwear for Christmas. It's a bummer, but then you realize you needed them and they're actually really comfortable and wonder why you didn't just buy them for yourself a while ago and you're almost embarrassed that you'd put up with those holey ones for that long. So yeah, rocking the new undies of life. Lots of changes, which I'm not the best with, but I'm working on it and learning a lot in the process, so it's going to be ok.

If you read this blog a lot (which you probably do, since you're most likely related to me), you know that my appetite is the first thing to go in times of change. Not much cooking going on lately. If anything it's cereal or avocado toast, which I think I've covered enough. But I wanted to check in and tell you thanks for being awesome.


Sarah said...

Avocado on toast sounds great. Is that a smear of mayo on there too?

Change is good. It's the changing that's a real kick in the pants.

Kathleen said...

I'm glad the new undies are working out, sassy.

mary-claire said...

It IS a mayo smear. It's a delicious combination.

EL018 said...

don't say mayo smear and undies. It sounds like something that would go on a cyber-platter