operation furniture

I got my first issue of Bon Appetit in the mail yesterday. It was my Christmas present to myself, and after looking through it I'm feeling pretty inspired. I have at least three recipes dog-eared to make. Hopefully they will be delicious and we can finally tip the post scales to yummy instead of ones that mention barf or acid farts (keepin' it classy in '09).

Hosting a dinner party has been on my mind a lot lately. No one has any money to go out, and I feel like with the frigid weather I never see my friends anymore. Last night, all lit up on food magazine bliss and a glass of wine, I started planning a menu. I actually got pretty far (written invitations or phone calls? place mats or tablecloth?) before it occurred to me that I only have two chairs. Damn. So I guess furniture should probably move to the top of my list. Move over lemon curd.

While I'm working on that, here are some blogs I have internet crushes on:

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