yummy yummy yummy

One of the best ways to get me out of bed is to put yummy left-overs in the fridge!

Last night my good friend Jen and I went out for our Christmas-is-too-busy-let's-push-it-back-to-Valentine's-Day dinner. I thought I was being all nice when I embroidered her a mermaid dishtowel, but then she pulled out my gift- tickets to the opera. One of us is looking like an asshole here, and if you know Jen you know it's not her. I am, however, super excited to pretend that I'm fancy for the night! And Jen will now have drier dishes than before. So there.

We happened to be in Logan Square, so I suggested we go to one of my favorite restaurants ever (EVER!), Lula Cafe. For starters we had a feta cheese plate. The cheese was warm and delicious and swimming in a green pool of subtle jalapeno-infused olive oil. On the sides were tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, sprouts, and four slices of delicious homemade bread. This course alone made me want to cry. Both of us, at different times while eating this dish, looked at the other one and sighed, "I'm so happy. I want to eat this forever." Really we could have stopped there.

But that's not our style! I had the chickpea and sweet potato tagine with arugula and couscous, while Jen ordered the peanut satay noodles with pickled vegetables, tofu, and a side of chicken breast. Both were amazing. Lucky for me, Jen is a lighter eater and doesn't like left-overs so I got to experience the whole thing again this morning... and let's face it, probably for lunch if they last that long.

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