2. get better at photographing food

Of the resolutions from last year this one was probably the biggest success, thanks in large part to this big dumb blog. Consistently taking pictures of the food I ate made it pretty impossible not to improve.

For a fun challenge I chose a photo I took on January 19, 2009, then recreated it (mostly) and photographed it again using my year's worth of knowledge. Now I'm certainly not saying it's perfect or that I'm a pro yet, but I definitely see improvement and for me, right now, that's good enough.

Also, that was kind of a gross sandwich and I'm a little embarrassed that I ate it so often. My tastes and cooking ability have developed with the photos it seems. No complaints here.

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Sarah said...

some fresh green herbs would be fantastic with those eggs. I'm thinking...fresh chopped up basil or even flat leaf parsley. yum in my tum.