crunchy, processed heaven

So self-control has never really been a strong point of mine. I never really learned that if something is good a whole bunch of it isn't necessarily better. Because of this I have an embarrassingly long list of foods I've eaten until it made me physically ill (olives, pickles, tater tots, brats... yeah, it's been a long and savory journey).
Lately I have been toeing the line with my all-time favorite snack creation- big Cheez-Its dipped in cottage cheese. The acidity of the crackers mixed with the milky cheese makes me jump up and down in the kitchen. You may notice that the 24oz cottage cheese container pictured above is over half empty. I got it last night. Seriously. I need help.


Sarah said...

This picture makes me want to buy a box of cheeze its to go with my huge container of cottage cheese.

Deirdre said...

My mouth is watering. Cheez-its and cottage cheese just got added to my shopping list.