Yesterday I had a small, very last-minute party to celebrate Obama's inauguration. The idea of being able to listen to my president speak and not get angry and depressed was too exciting of an idea to enjoy alone. I invited some of my close friends over and made some dips to show GW off in style.

While I would normally make guacamole, I decided to branch out a little because avocados are expensive, dammit! I looked online and found a recipe for smoky, spicy avocado dip with cilantro. It was so light and refreshing, not to mention easy and only used one avocado. I think it may be my new BBQ offering.

The other dip was Kathleen's amazing jalapeno popper one. I had everyone do a show of hands on which dip was their favorite and this one totally won. Because it's delicious, and warm, and has a bunch of cream cheese in it.

This, close friends, a bottle (our five) of wine, and some Taboo made for a hopeful, and very grateful night.

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