your brain on drugs, poached, and served on toast

I tried to poach an egg for the first time today. Generally I avoid dealing with them, seeing as we have a horrible, runny, and sometimes stomach-achey history. I don't really understand it. I mean, college guys can cook eggs, so what exactly am I missing here? An adams apple? A Miller Light?

But today I couldn't avoid it. I'm broke and have little to no groceries, so it was time to get creative. I called my mom and had her walk me through it. It sounded easy enough, but I don't think I cooked it long enough and apparently should have salted the water? Any tips? Please??

Also, I've really become fascinated with eggs on pizza. Has anyone tried this?


Sarah said...

I haven't tried eggs on pizza yet, but it was in Bon Appetit this month, and I've been thinking about trying it.

Bon Apetit poached eggs - Heat a skillet of salted water until nearly boiling. Break an egg into a custard cup or ramekin. Lower the custard cup into the water, tipping it so the egg slides in gently. The white will feather; this is OK. When the white starts to set, coax it gently to the center to contain it (use a spatula). Using a slotted spoon, lift the egg out of the water to see if it has set. If it has, put it on toast.

Cook's Country - Crack the eggs into teacups and tip the cups into simmering water (add 2 T white vinegar and 1 t salt to simmering water). Cover the pan and remove it from heat. The eggs will poach in about 5 min Use slotted spoon to remove the eggs from the pan.

I've only tried the Bon Apetit version, and that worked out OK. I like how both magazines advise to use a slotted spoon. How else would you get the eggs out?

bottled_milk said...

i had a fried egg on a pizza once that also featured asparagus. it was fantastic.