...and I'm back

So I'm back. In so many ways. I've moved- my concentration is back, finally. I feel more focused than I have in months. My counter tops are tiny, but I have walls!! And these walls have doorways!! If you've seen my last two places you know how exciting this is for me. Also, you no longer have to walk through my closet to get to my bathroom. Because I don't have a closet. But I'm working on it. Above are some pictures of my dividing wall (geeee!), and my tiny counter (singular).

I'm also back on cooking. I've gotten my avocado thing down to lunch a couple days a week and that's it. The rest of the time I eat actual meals! That I make! And will soon post! And I saw Senior Ponytail on the street the other day and he said hi. So I think mija is just around the corner.

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