I owe my sister Sarah a lot. She has been hands-down one of the most influential people in my life- introducing me to ska, Beatles movies, They Might Be Giants, and feminist literature to name a few. Let's add a new one to that list, shall we? A couple of weeks ago she called me telling me I needed to try a vodka and tonic. I initially dismissed it, thinking it would just taste like college. Then after some hounding I finally tried it. Woah! Now I'm hooked. Hands down the drink of Summer '09. Thanks sissy!


Sarah said...

I'm honored to be so influential. There really aren't words to describe how refreshing a v&t is, are there? You may have inspired me to have a post work drink.

Deirdre said...

Inspired by this post, I've been v&t-ing it up. Thanks for the booze tips, ladies.